Becca Stacey, Senior Research Officer and Francesca Smith, Research Assistant

Through the lens: Ethnicity, money and mental health

19 April 2023

This policy note considers how ethnicity affects our experiences of money and mental health problems. 

It shows that people from minoritised ethnic groups are disproportionately affected by the economic and social determinants of poor mental health. This includes low income, social exclusion and racism.  

The note also shows that people from minoritised ethnic groups who have mental health problems often face additional barriers to good financial health. 

In response, we are calling on support services, employers and essential service firms to take steps to address the inequalities that people from minoritised ethnic groups with mental health problems too often face.

This is the third and final policy note in a series of reports exploring how different demographics interact with money and mental health. Our previous research on the link between gender, money and mental health problems can be found here, and our report on how age impacts our experiences of financial and mental wellbeing can be found here.