As a charity, our community of Experts by Experience is at the heart of everything we do. They are a group of people with personal experience either of living with a mental health problem, or of supporting someone who does. You can help us break the link between financial difficulties and mental health problems, by joining our mental health community with Martin Lewis, today.

As a member, you’ll be invited to take part in surveys, questionnaires or focus groups – either online or in person. We hope to offer you free trials of new products or services to test what works. And we will make sure your voice is heard by government, banks, retailers, regulators, the NHS and beyond.

Signing up puts you under no obligation to take part in particular activities, we’ll send you information about opportunities to get involved and you can pick what works for you.

All information you share with us will be held securely, and only visible to a small number of trained staff. You can read more about how we will protect your privacy here

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