The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute was registered by the Charity Commission on 12 April 2016 with the Registered Charity Number 1166493. Registered address: 22 Kingsway, WC2B 6LE.

Your data

Money and Mental Health is committed to being transparent about how we collect and use personal data, and to meeting our data protection obligations. For more information see our Privacy and Cookie Notice.

Our funding

Money and Mental Health has the commitment of a generous core funding grant from our Chair, Martin Lewis, until 2025. In addition to this core funding, we receive charitable donations and sponsorship for some of our research, events and policy work.

Money and Mental Health retains full editorial control over all of its output and we pride ourselves on the transparency of our funding. We publish, on an annual basis, a list of funders who contribute over £1,000 to the charity, along with the amount donated in banded categories and the type of funding, for example whether it is for a specific piece of work.

You can find full details of our funders in our latest financial statements for the ended 31 December 2022.

We will not accept funding that conflicts with our charitable objects or independence, or from organisations that cause significant detriment to the public’s mental health and/or financial wellbeing.

Further information about Money and Mental Health, our funding, governance and charitable purpose can be found on our page on the Charity Commission website.
For further information please email [email protected].