OUR STRATEGY The change we want to see, and how we hope to achieve it.

This strategy sets out a clear direction for Money and Mental Health’s work over the next six years. It outlines the change we want to see in the world, how we hope to achieve it, and how we’ll know whether what we’re doing is working.

Our vision

We’re working for a world in which the vicious cycle of money and mental health problems is broken, so that we all have an equal chance of financial security, regardless of our mental health; and everyone’s mental health can flourish, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Our goals

1. Fewer people are disadvantaged as a result of their mental health or experience psychological harm when choosing, using or paying for essential services

2. Fewer people have poor living standards as a result of mental health problems

3. Support services become more effective at helping people who have both money and mental health problems.