Nikki Bond, Senior Research Officer, Money and Mental Health

Recommissioning debt advice services: meeting the needs of people with mental health problems

17 December 2021

This research examines the implications of the ongoing recommissioning of debt advice services in England, overseen by the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS). Our analysis suggests that while the new procurement process will have some positive impacts – such as an increase in annual funding – it will almost certainly result in significant cuts to face-to-face debt advice. This will particularly affect people with mental health problems or complex needs, who are more likely to require face-to-face support. 

We are urging MaPS to pause the recommissioning process in order to protect the availability of face-to-face advice. We are also calling on MaPS to publish an impact assessment of the proposed changes and an assessment of anticipated need for each communication channel, as well as adding a minimum quota for face-to-face advice in the contracts.

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