2023 Impact Report front cover.

Impact Report 2023

30 April 2024

In our Impact Report, we celebrate our achievements in 2023 and look ahead to our upcoming work.
Some of our key highlights in 2023 our include:

  • The Department for Work and Pensions agreed with our call that it must be made much easier for people claiming Universal Credit to get help from a loved one to manage their benefits. It committed in the disability white paper to look at ways to further support people who rely on third parties and carers to manage their Universal Credit.
  • Our research on the link between financial difficulty and suicide was cited prominently in the Department of Health and Social Care’s new suicide prevention strategy. The strategy for the first time committed the health and benefits systems to tackling the link between financial difficulty and suicide.
  • Changes in regulation, with water regulator Ofwat putting in place rules for water companies about how they treat and communicate with customers in vulnerable circumstances, and with similar action being taken by Ofgem and Ofcom.
  • Through our Mental Health Accessible programme, we’ve worked with HSBC UK, Lloyds, OVO and Nationwide to improve the accessibility of their services and communications for people living with a mental health problem.
  • The Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s gambling white paper included a number of Money and Mental Health recommendations – including putting limits on online gambling stakes and strengthening gambling card controls.

Read the Impact Report here.