THE FACTS What you need to know

Mental health and money problems are often intricately linked. Our research shows that in England alone over 1.5 million people are experiencing both problem debt and mental health problems.

Read a summary of the key facts and figures below, or download our money and mental health factsheet to find out more.


People with problem debt are significantly more likely to experience mental health problems


  • Half (46%) of people in problem debt also have a mental health problem.
  • 86% of respondents to a Money and Mental Health survey of nearly 5,500 people with experience of mental health problems said that their financial situation had made their mental health problems worse.

People with mental health problems are also more likely to be in problem debt

  • Almost one in five (18%) people with mental health problems are in problem debt. People experiencing mental health problems are three and a half times more likely to be in problem debt than people without mental health problems (5%).
  • 72% of respondents to Money and Mental Health’s survey said that their mental health problems had made their financial situation worse.
diagram illustrating the relationship between mental health problems and debt