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A best practice guide for insurers: Supporting customers with mental health problems

29 March 2023

This best practice guide outlines steps that insurers can take to support customers with mental health problems through the customer journey, from applying to making a claim. Recommendations include:

  • Providing customers with clearer information on what insurance products cover
  • Making it easier for people to disclose if they have a mental health problem
  • Providing mental health training for underwriters and front-line staff.

The guide draws on examples of good practice from across the insurance sector and financial services industry, as well as the lived experience testimony of people with mental health problems.

While some of our recommendations are specific to travel, life and income protection insurance, others apply more broadly to insurers providing a range of different products, including home and motor insurance.

As well as improving support for customers with mental health problems, acting on these issues will help insurance firms meet their regulatory requirements under the Consumer Duty.


Beyond this best practice guide, we are working directly with financial services firms to help them make the changes needed to better support customers with mental health problems while adhering to regulations like the Consumer Duty. To talk to us about how we can support your team, please submit your email address and we will get in touch.


    Download the guide here