A photo of Leia Ben Naceur, Money and Mental Health's Research Community Officer.

Leia Ben Naceur

Research Community Officer

Leia is Money and Mental Health’s dedicated Research Community Officer, supporting members of our Research Community to tell their stories and contribute to our research. For the last decade, she has been working directly with young people, people in vulnerable circumstances and minoritised communities within the social care, education and research sectors in London, Montreal and Cairo. Leia cares deeply about understanding people’s experiences of mental health problems and all the aspects of a person’s life, including their finances and resources available to them, that can relate to the link between money and mental health. Leia enjoys just about anything as long as her dog, Cleo, is with her. If Cleo isn’t available, Leia can be found kayaking, camping, cooking Tunisian food and playing the oud. (she/they)

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