Recovery space campaign graphic with a woman looking out the window

Ask your MP to add their support

One of the most effective ways to get in touch with your MP is to email them. Your MP can get behind our Recovery Space campaign by attending the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill debate in Parliament on Tuesday 24 April, and supporting our cross-party amendments.

You can get in touch with your MP in three simple steps:

1. Find the name and email address of your local MP by searching for them using your postcode

2. Write an email asking your local MP to add their name to amendments 5-7 (we encourage you to tell them why the campaign matters to you in your own words, but you can use this text as a guide)

3. Once you’ve signed it using your name, full address and postcode… click ‘Send’!

** Make sure you include the link to the amendments:**

Once you have sent your local MP an email, let us know by tweeting at us or tagging us on Facebook. You can also tag your MP in your tweet using their Twitter handle.