Rachel Reeves: The rogue bailiffs preying on victims of austerity cuts – and why MPs will get tough

2 February 2019

Cashing in on misery, like a predator hunting its prey: the bailiffs. Unregulated, and making profits on the backs of the most vulnerable. Of course, businesses and government have a right – and often a duty – to seek money that they are owed, especially from those who are simply refusing or making no effort to pay for products and services. But everybody should abide by a code of decency which is too often ignored and rarely enforced on rogue bailiffs. That’s where government needs to act. And urgently.

There is a long list of people and organisations calling for change. They include AdviceUK, the Children’s Society, Christians Against Poverty, Citizens Advice, Community Money Advice, the Institute of Money Advisers, the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, the Money Advice Trust and StepChange.