‘I’ve had my dark days.’ Why Martin Lewis knows mental illness and money don’t mix

19 June 2016


The chancellor of the exchequer takes his calls, his TV show gets more viewers than the new series of Top Gear and he has twice topped a poll to find the voice most trusted by undecided voters in the referendum debate.

Martin Lewis has become something of a national hero when it comes to money matters – an extraordinary 11 million people sign up to his weekly “money tips” email.

He is also one of the country’s most prominent philanthropists, with three major charitable projects under way in the UK. One, the Personal Finance Education Group, funds projects teaching young people about money; another is tied in with the food bank charity the Trussell Trust; and the latest is a new policy institute, Money and Mental Health, which has just launched a flagship report looking at the “toxic relationship” between mental illness and financial problems.


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