Ongoing research

We are working with a growing community of people with experience of mental health problems, and their carers, to break the link between financial problems and mental health. You can join our research panel to participate in surveys and product trials designed to better understand the links between financial difficulties and mental health conditions.

We are also collaborating closely with professionals and experts in financial services, advice, retail, and mental health services to design new ways to help improve emotional and financial health of the UK. Join our professionals network if you want to stay involved.

Current projects include:

  • Addressing crisis spending: how can credit providers, banks and retailers help people protect themselves from out-of-control spending during a mental health crisis? Get in touch if you’ve overspent during a mental health crisis and have ideas about what would have helped.
  • Using technology: how can we bring together emerging financial and mental health technology to help people with mental health problems stay in control of their finances? Get in touch if you know of mental health or financial technology products you believe would help.
  • Advice: what impact does financial advice have in improving the outcomes of mental health treatment? Get in touch if you’re involved in frontline mental health or social care, and can help us trial a new approach.